Hypnotherapy for Women

Hypnotherapy & Mind Training Designed for Women   Stressed out? Feeling sad or depressed? Want more confidence?  Lacking motivation? Battling with your work/life balance? Drinking too much alcohol? Struggling with your relationship? Benefit from the support of an experienced female therapist Many of the women I help with mind training and hypnotherapy tell me that they have a preference for working with a female hypnotherapist. To get the most from your therapy, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your therapist. Claire is such a lovely lady if you feel nervous like I did she will make you feel relaxed and happy. I was very depressed as well when I first went to Claire, not only did she help me lose weight I…

Mrs Mindset Claire McNulty talks about Performance Anxiety on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Mrs Mindset talks about Performance Anxiety on BBC Radio Gloucestershire Click about 13 minutes into the programme for some tips of managing performance anxiety Performance Anxiety is a very common fear. Although often referred to as ‘stage fright’ this fear doesn’t have to involve a stage. It involves the fear of doing something in front of people. Therefore the underlying fear is social anxiety. Social anxiety is the fear of being judged, not good enough or put on the spot. When I work with my clients on their social anxiety it is natural for us to address the other area involved with this anxiety – self esteem. Self esteem is your sense of self worth, your sense of value. You can see how it makes sense…

Is Friday The 13th causing you anxiety?

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Considered by many to be an unlucky day – and for those who believe this – Friday 13th may well be a day filled with anxiety, fear and dread. Fear or anxiety of the number 13 is known as triskadekaphobia. Those who are superstitious or who don’t feel in control of their lives are more likely to suffer with this fear. If you are one of those people you may find yourself waiting for something bad to happen, expecting something to go wrong. However for people like me and my clients who know that we create our own ‘luck’ the day will not affect us in a negative way whatsoever. Do you – Feel superstitious on certain days, touch wood or count magpies? Believe in luck, fate or…

Mrs Mindset shares Anxiety Solutions

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Thrilled to be featured in local publication about my work with anxiety in the corporate world. New book The Hypnotherapy Experts is aimed at therapists who wish to become an expert in their field. I, along with 11 other ‘A list’ therapists, share the interventions we use with our clients. Although I rarely use hypnotherapy in the corporate world, I teach clients anxiety management techniques and sometimes self hypnosis. The interventions I detail in the book as part of my Mindset Coaching include cultivating a growth mindset developing emotional intelligence creating internal control orientation using mindfulness in everyday situations developing interpersonal effectiveness managing distress tolerance developing resilience For more information or if you would like a chat about how I can help you, contact me here…

5 tips to manage anxiety without drugs

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As an anxiety management consultant I see a lot of stress – and I mean a lot! Week upon week I see people who are anxious and depressed and/or taking antidepressants (often for years). Here are 5 tips you can use everyday to help you prevent anxiety 1. Exercise Exercise is an excellent antidote to stress. Just taking a short stroll in the evening will help to boost oxygen levels. Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to prevent and treat anxiety and stress. 2. Emotions Acknowledge your emotions. If you’re angry, upset or frustrated – allow yourself to feel your emotions. From a young age we’re taught to suppress these natural feelings. Create an internal dialogue to address your emotions – Ask…

How to control the urge to smoke – 5 top tips

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5 top tips from Gloucester Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist Claire McGrath Did you make grand plans to kick the habit on New Year’s Day only to find that here you are, months later still smoking? If you’ve tried to quit smoking before, then you’ll know just how hard it can be to control the urge to smoke. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re a 3 ciggies in the evening kind of smoker or if you’re a 20 a day smoker. As a hypnotherapist regularly treating smokers I find it is the same beliefs that underpin the reason why you do it. It’s those beliefs that I uncover during my stop smoking sessions at my Gloucester practice. This uncovering and relabelling of your beliefs is just one…

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – does it work?

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Hypnosis is one of the most commonly used tools to help with stop smoking – I use it on a daily basis to help people achieve their goals. Hundreds of thousands of smokers use stop smoking hypnosis to ensure their success with giving up smoking. I am offering a limited number of FREE Mind Boost hypnosis Sessions to the first 20 people who book a stop smoking hypnosis session. Remember you don’t have to live in Gloucestershire to take advantage of this offer – your session can take place equally successfully using skype. These people used to be controlled by nicotine – they had a stop smoking hypnosis session with me – now they don’t smoke! Now they live freer, happier, nicotine free and richer lives….

How unlucky is Friday 13th?

Friday The 13th … considered by many to be an unlucky day – and for those who believe this, it may well be a day filled with dread and gloom. Today is the third Friday The 13th of 2015, the first was in February and the second in March. Fear of the number 13 is known as triskadekaphobia. People who are superstitious or who feel that factors outside of their control influence them are more likely to relate to this phobia. If you are one of those people you may find yourself waiting for something bad to happen, expecting something to go wrong. However for people like me and my clients, who know that they create their own ‘luck’ – the day will not affect them in…

What happens to your body in the first year of stopping smoking?

1000s of smokers will attempt to stop smoking in Gloucestershire this October – will you be one of them? I am renowned for helping people to quit smoking after just 1 session – using a combination of mindset training & clinical hypnosis at my Gloucester practice. To help you get into the right mindset for stopping smoking, remember to get your copy of this e-guide today –  15 SOS Mind Programming Tools – packed with tips. You can use the tools to create your success mindset today. Let’s look at two of the most common reasons that have been holding you back Your Beliefs about smoking The only reason smokers continue to smoke is because of their beliefs about smoking. Beliefs are incredibly powerful, it’s your beliefs that…

7 Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness and Mindset Coaching are now a hot business trend. Companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, IBM, NHS and Unilver recognise the value of these practices with many incorporating the techniques into their daily working day.  These companies recognise that MINDFULNESS = BRAIN TRAINING = TRAINING ATTENTION 7 benefits of mindfulness in the workplace Reduce anxiety, stress and depression Improve Emotional Intelligence and communication between networks within their organisation Increase personal effectiveness and foster good working relationships Clarity of thinking and decision making Develop resilience to manage emotions during a period of change or uncertainty Focus thinking to increase productivity Foster empathy to create rapport and cooperation with employees If you would like to benefit from Mindset coaching  contact me today to discuss the issues affecting you

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