Is Friday The 13th causing you anxiety?

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Considered by many to be an unlucky day – and for those who believe this – Friday 13th may well be a day filled with anxiety, fear and dread.

Fear or anxiety of the number 13 is known as triskadekaphobia. Those who are superstitious or who don’t feel in control of their lives are more likely to suffer with this fear. If you are one of those people you may find yourself waiting for something bad to happen, expecting something to go wrong. However for people like me and my clients who know that we create our own ‘luck’ the day will not affect us in a negative way whatsoever.

Do you –

  • Feel superstitious on certain days, touch wood or count magpies?
  • Believe in luck, fate or chance?
  • Feel out of control in one or more areas of your life?

Mindset Training will help you to reduce anxiety and regain control of your thoughts and your life

The Friday The 13th superstition is a relatively ‘new’ belief as before the 19th century it was little heard of. So yet another unhelpful belief created by man and designed to instil fear. In fact some countries believe different days are ‘unlucky’ with Italians believing Friday the 17th and not the 13th to be a day of bad luck. So does this mean that this so called ‘unlucky day’ floats around the globe deciding what country to visit?

Anything that doesn’t benefit you or enhance your life, or that causes you anxiety is not worth having!

And you don’t have to have this or any other limiting belief. You get what you focus on so if you focus your mind on success then that’s what you are likely to get! Mindset training helps people to create success with issues such as weight loss, anxiety, fears and phobias.

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Have a Fabulous Friday the 13th

To your success

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