Mrs Mindset shares Anxiety Solutions

anxiety, fears, phobias

Thrilled to be featured in local publication about my work with anxiety in the corporate world. New book The Hypnotherapy Experts is aimed at therapists who wish to become an expert in their field.

I, along with 11 other ‘A list’ therapists, share the interventions we use with our clients.

Although I rarely use hypnotherapy in the corporate world, I teach clients anxiety management techniques and sometimes self hypnosis.

The interventions I detail in the book as part of my Mindset Coaching include

  • cultivating a growth mindset
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • creating internal control orientation
  • using mindfulness in everyday situations
  • developing interpersonal effectiveness
  • managing distress tolerance
  • developing resilience

For more information or if you would like a chat about how I can help you, contact me here or call me on 01452 750646 / 07765 182127


Mindset & Anxiety Management Consultant