5 New Year Resolutions you can actually keep!

Easy New Year Resolutions you will enjoy trying! 1 Stop Negative Self-Talk How many times in the past week have you criticised yourself or told yourself you’re not good enough? Train your inner voice to speak kindly, just as you would to your favourite nephew or aunty. Talking negatively about your body can lead to feeling of body shame – I’ll never lose weight; I’m stuck like this. Telling yourself you’re not good enough or will never be successful leads to low self-esteem and feelings of poor self-worth. I train people to use their mind to focus on what they want – start telling your mind what you want to achieve and make it happen. Andrew is panic free & excited about life Andrew was…

Hypnotherapy for Women

Hypnotherapy & Mind Training Designed for Women   Stressed out? Feeling sad or depressed? Want more confidence?  Lacking motivation? Battling with your work/life balance? Drinking too much alcohol? Struggling with your relationship? Benefit from the support of an experienced female therapist Many of the women I help with mind training and hypnotherapy tell me that they have a preference for working with a female hypnotherapist. To get the most from your therapy, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your therapist. Claire is such a lovely lady if you feel nervous like I did she will make you feel relaxed and happy. I was very depressed as well when I first went to Claire, not only did she help me lose weight I…

Mind Over Platter Weight Loss Programme

Mind over Platter – How to lose weight using your mind Fed up of being overweight? Tired of obsessing about food all day? Bored with the same old diets and the same pitiful results? It’s time to kick those old thoughts and habits into touch. Mrs Mindset’s Mind Over Platter programme will give you the mind boost you need to ditch old habits and put you on the road to success. Highly effective mindset coaching combined with empowering hypnosis will put you on the slim road and back in control. There are 10 places available between now and 29th January 2016 for my 3 hour Mind over Platter weight loss workshop.  Workshops take place in my Gloucester weight loss clinic. The first 5 to book will receive this…

How Hypnotherapy can help with Weight Loss

Successful weight loss

How hypnotherapy can help you with weight loss Hypnotherapy for weight loss remains a successful and enjoyable way to lose weight.  I use hypnosis alongside mindset coaching to treat several conditions such as fears and phobias, as well as my specialist areas of weight loss and anxiety. Changing your beliefs for successful weight loss Your beliefs play a part in keeping you overweight – just like you believe living in the city/country is for you, or having a dog (or not) enhances your life. When your beliefs tell you that weight loss is hard then you avoid that path, avoid healthy choices and don’t bother to exercise. This can make losing weight an impossible task so by changing your beliefs – you start to focus on success….