Additional Services

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Whether your goal is to rid yourself of anxiety, be more confident, to lose weight or to become healthy and happy – then I can help you

My Mrs Mindset programmes are tailored to your goals. 

mrs mindset - mindset coaching
Kim’s confidence soars with her new mindset

“Sessions were really empowering. So many things have changed already. My confidence is soaring, I feel able to fill my day so much more productively, more energy, sleep better and enjoying myself so much more than before.”


Addictions such as eating addiction, drug addiction and gambling addiction are issues I can help you to overcome.


Anxiety is my specialism, I can help you overcome anxiety about speaking up at meetings and social anxiety about promotions and presentations which are common fears in the workplace.

Career Change

I can help you if you find yourself worrying about your future career and are unsure of which direction to take.


I will help you feel confident and good about yourself. Attend meetings feeling confident and strong, enjoy work outings feeling good about yourself


Executive burnout and workplace depression solutions for executives, managers, business leaders, teachers and police.

Fears & Phobias

Fear of flying, driving and choking can leave you feeling out of control and helpless. I will help you to develop a mindset where you direct and manage your thoughts.

Grief & Bereavement

Grief and loss of a loved one affects us all differently. You cant do anything about death but you can do a lot about life. Overcome and deal with bereavement or feelings of grief that are holding you back.


OCD is a form of anxiety which can manifest itself in distressing thoughts or images, intense anxiety, compulsions and/or repetitive behaviour. I will help you overcome this feeling of being overwhelmed and put you back in control.

Panic Attacks

Get rid of panic and the associated symptoms and regain control of your life.


Relish in achieving your goals whether in the board room, classroom or sales meetings. Overcome problems with recalling information and difficulty concentrating.

Self Esteem

Join me and build a high self esteem with a strong sense of self worth.

Social Anxiety

Overcome anxiety about social situations and the accompanying physical symptoms such as anxiety, shaking, tension, IBS and a pounding heart.


Stress management coaching for executives, managers and business leaders for ultimate performance.

Weight Loss

With the increase in obesity and the availability of luxury, fat laden and fast foods comes excessive eating and weight gain. Get slim, eat less and feel in control of food.