5 New Year Resolutions you can actually keep!

Easy New Year Resolutions you will enjoy trying!

1 Stop Negative Self-Talk

How many times in the past week have you criticised yourself or told yourself you’re not good enough? Train your inner voice to speak kindly, just as you would to your favourite nephew or aunty. Talking negatively about your body can lead to feeling of body shame – I’ll never lose weight; I’m stuck like this. Telling yourself you’re not good enough or will never be successful leads to low self-esteem and feelings of poor self-worth. I train people to use their mind to focus on what they want – start telling your mind what you want to achieve and make it happen.

Andrew is panic free & excited about life

Andrew was constantly worrying about things he couldn’t control. He started to have panic attacks about work meetings. He agonised about making mistakes. He imagined the worst-case scenario in every area of his life from his health to his relationship with his girlfriend. A lifetime of negativity had taken its toll on Andrew. He was constantly putting himself down in his head. We trained his thoughts to focus on what he wanted in life. We removed blockages from his subconscious mind with the powerful ‘Mind Detox’ and I shared with him the words NOT TO SAY if you want success. I gave him tools to abolish panic attacks and remain calm in all situations. His constant headaches are now a thing of the past and he is planning a holiday of a lifetime to Australia with his girlfriend. His self-talk is powerful and positive. He uses the self-hypnosis techniques I taught him and is creating a wonderful future. Panic is now a thing of the past for Andrew and he is excited about life.

2 Move more

Sitting and being inactive can lead to many health problems – and we sit more now than we ever have. No need to squeeze yourself into lycra or run a marathon. Start in small ways. Next time you’re on the phone, stand up and move, polish your mirrors, empty the dishwasher – and all whilst you’re catching up with your friend. Use your lunch break to take a 10 or 15 minute walk. Park your car in the furthest part of the supermarket car park. Remember every little bit of movement adds up.

3 Make time to sleep

A good night’s sleep is vital for your health and well-being. Most of us don’t sleep enough or get sufficient quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to inability to think clearly and function properly. Lack of sleep contributes to difficulty making decisions, weight gain, anxiety and depression. Use a relaxation download at bedtime. Avoid caffeine. Make your bedroom a haven with aromatherapy oils and blackout curtains. Tell yourself you will have great dreams!

Mike went from exhausted to energised …

Mike runs two successful businesses. He was over worked, overtired and the resulting stress meant that his businesses were also suffering. He got home exhausted, too tired to speak with his wife or spend time with his daughter. So now his marriage was also deteriorating and his health in decline. He felt overwhelmed and unable to see a way out.  I used some Mind Training techniques to show Mike how to use his mind to prepare his day and to train his subconscious to benefit from good quality sleep. Mike is now back in control and energised. He enjoys clarity of thought and his decision-making skills are heightened. He spends quality time with his wife and enjoys reading bed time stories to his daughter. His wellbeing is massively improved and his entire life enriched.

4 Ditch the Diet & get a Slim Mindset

Dieting has become so normalised and yet – diets don’t work! Not only is dieting harmful to your physical and mental health, most people regain the weight within a short period of time. Look for more sustainable ways to lose weight. Eat healthier foods, cut back on crisps and fizzy drinks. Clinical hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to get the focus and motivation you need. Not only will it help you to stop focussing on food but also to attain your ideal size and weight.

Sue created the mindset and the body of a slim person …

Sue was fed up of the constant battle with her weight. She had tried everything – weight watchers, slimming world, the Cambridge Diet, even hypnosis. Her self-esteem had plummeted and she felt like a failure after each unsuccessful attempt to lose weight. She also worried about the effects of her unhealthy relationship with food on her teenage daughter. The stress of it all had become too much. We unearthed Sue’s negative beliefs and reversed her sabotaging thoughts on weight loss. Once the disruptive patterns had been destroyed, we used clinical hypnotherapy to create a ‘slimming mirror’ and reinforce her new patterns of thinking. Sue finally has the mindset and the body of a slim person.

5 Get outdoors

Calm your senses in a busy world. Being outdoors releases feel good chemicals whilst reducing anxiety and depression. Even better is doing this mindfully – as opposed to mindlessly! So, forget your worries, your to-do list and learn to enjoy the moment. Notice the smells, sounds, the feel of the earth beneath your feet. The Japanese art of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to benefit your health. Spend some time in nature and lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress levels, boost your immune system and improve your overall feeling of wellbeing

What next?

Most new year resolutions don’t last the month of January. All of the above are sustainable and easy to implement.

Try a few of the tips and notice the positive impact in your life. Make YOU your focus.

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To your Success

Claire x