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Zoe is 2 stone lighter and feels amazing

Anxiety Weight & Nail-biting Solution for Sam




Advanced Hypnosis - quit smoking in 90 minutes

Powerful Mindset Hypnosis for Anxiety & Weight Loss

Mrs Mindset helps Nikki & her son delete anxiety from their lives

Mrs Mindset helps Becky shift the pounds

Rea found stopping smoking easy with Mrs Mindset

Mrs Mindset helps smoker of 35 years to stop in ONE session

Mrs Mindset helps Debbie lose over 5 stone

Mrs Mindset helps Bob with anxiety and negative thoughts

Mrs Mindset helps Julia lose weight after years of failed diets

Mrs Mindset helps young lady overcome eating phobias

Mrs Mindset helps with confidence and performance anxiety

Mrs Mindset helps with anxiety

Sally has soaring confidence

Best Thing I've Ever Done says Matt

Vicky's world opens as she beats Travel Anxiety

Carol Conquers 30 years of worry & feels Great!

Lauren is Phobia Free in just weeks!

Jane tried Everything & now feels Complete!

Anxiety free at last!

Highly Recommended!

Wendy finds solution to her anxiety

Businesswoman Suzanne sheds 8 stone & goes from size 26 to size 14 following mindset motivational coaching

My GP is amazed and impressed. Charity shops have gained a huge collection of clothes, I’m a member of my local spa, my dog loves life with lots of walking, my home is gaining from my new diy energy and my son is proud.

Suzanne, Director Gloucestershire & London

Debbie’s transformation is incredible as she loses over 5 stone working with me on mindset and motivation

Incredible weight loss. Now I can process weight loss principles in a better and different way. Felt completely at ease and relaxed with Claire. Very happy and I know I can continue this

Debbie, South Glos

Sally is almost 4 stone lighter & still losing weight after her new mindset helps her achieve her goal

The difference is astounding. The choices I now make are significantly healthier, though I am not conscious of this until later when I reflect on my day. Once again thank you for all your help, I am truly grateful, the benefit is huge and I am very focused and motivated

Sally, Glos

Pippa is lighter and happier following mindset hypnotherapy

I'm so glad that I discovered Claire, she is amazing and so supportive. I've lost 16lb in 3 weeks and feel healthier and more positive than I have for years. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much!

Pippa, Glos

Ann sheds 3 stone of unwanted weight with motivational hypnotherapy

I lost 3 stone and feel fabulous! I found the treatment to be highly professional in its delivery and that I was treated in a respectful manner which, when you are ‘fat’ is not always the case! Put me back in control – and in smaller clothes!

Having tried slimming clubs and various diets over many years, I would constantly beat myself up when I had a bad day or two with food. Now I’m able to see any over indulgences as a small part of a big picture – my mental attitude has been changed through this process

Ann, Glos

Elaine loses weight & gains confidence with the Mrs Mindset VIP Programme

Oh how I wish I’d heard about this years ago and saved myself a small fortune on slimming clubs and low self esteem. I rave about Claire when people notice my weight loss and boost in my confidence.

Elaine, Therapist, Gloucester

Tania is 3 stone 9 lbs lighter having got her mind & motivation in the right place

My confidence is on the way back and I am now more outgoing again and my social anxiety is also improving. I am now ready to come off the ‘happy pills’. You are the person who has changed my life for the better – I call you my saviour! I’m losing weight & feeling great! Thank you so much for the help to put me back on the right road.

Tania, Cotswolds

Jackie loves being 2 dress sizes smaller with her new success mindset

I wish I had done this sooner! I am down 2 dress sizes, have lost 2 stone 2lbs and still losing. I am enjoying and wanting healthier foods, but still enjoy small tastes of treats – and am happy to have just a taste.

Jackie, 42 Glos

Rosie cures her emetophobia, anxiety and panic by building a success mindset

I rang Claire on a Saturday morning, in floods of tears at how awful my life had become, plagued with worry and panic attacks due to Emetophobia, 6 sessions on and I now see life in a totally different way.

Rosie, Bristol

Leah is amazed at how fast her anxiety and fears disappeared with mindset coaching

I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone hoping to overcome a psychological problem. One thing that sets what she offers apart from other forms of psychological therapy that I have experienced is the speed of the results.

Leah, Gloucester

Becky is anxiety free following the Mrs Mindset VIP Programme

Claire is brilliant. My anxiety is gone!! I just wish I had gone to her sooner!


Greg stops smoking in ONE session with mindset and motivational hypnotherapy

I had been a smoker for a long time - the NHS gave me all the usual things, patches, gum, nasal spray, inhalators, etc. But nothing worked; I had one session with Claire and when I came out I was a non-smoker. I am so grateful to be able to say to people that I DON’T SMOKE, BRILLIANT.
Thank you Claire

Greg, Gloucester

Rachel quit smoking easily by programming her mind to be a non smoker

Stopping smoking has been great and much easier than I was expecting. I can honestly say I haven't given smoking much thought at all during the last week nor have i craved a cigarette.

I would highly recommend Claire, she made the session fun, is very easy to talk to and explains how we form our attitudes and beliefs of smoking and how to change them

Rachel, Glos

Andrew’s Executive burnout disappears after working with me on building a winning mindset

Amazing results. My panic attacks had taken over my life and I was suffering with ‘executive burnout’. Claire is supportive and kind yet straight talking and to the point. Both my career and my home life have benefited enormously.

Andrew, director

Charley is anxiety and worry free after working with me on mindset success

Sessions were relaxing, comfortable and I left each one feeling as though something had been accomplished. It’s left me with what I call ‘legacy tools’. Subconsciously something comes into my thoughts now when I encounter anxious situations. Thanks Claire! You’ve made a difference for me!

This treatment has been fantastic. I didn’t believe it at first as I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. Now I am no longer ‘doing’ anxiety! Would definitely recommend Claire to a friend or to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now and go to see Claire.

Charley, 23, Carer, Gloucester

Charlotte is no longer anxious and now feels fabulous after changing her mindset

I now enjoy life which I don’t think I did before. I can appreciate what I have and what I can do. I’m no longer desperate. I’m so grateful for being empowered. It’s all so simple really if you’ve got someone to show you the way. Thank you so much.


Dan loves being smoke free after his Mrs Mindset Stop Smoking Session

Amazing! Gave up smoking in only 1 session after 25 years of being a smoker

Dan, Gloucestershire

Miranda is in control of her eating following the Mrs Mindset VIP Programme

After just one session I started to take control of my eating habits after years of trying. It gave me the ability to change ‘I cant have’ to ‘I don’t need’. Within a very short time I am eating less, not constantly thinking about food, sleeping better and overall a much more content and happy person.

Miranda Glos

Rachel beats emotional & compulsive eating with motivational coaching

I am now in control of my compulsive eating, it is easy and actually pleasurable to decide not to eat the snacks, cakes etc. I’m so much more confident too and much happier. A very positive and enlightening experience. Thank you Claire!

Rachel, Project Manager, Stroud

Nikki and her son are now anxiety free following mindset coaching

Claire is incredible. I saw her 5 years ago and she helped me to realise the power of my mind and how I can change the way I feel about certain situations. Just recently my son suddenly started to suffer with anxiety, after a few sessions with Claire the difference in him is amazing.
I simply cannot recommend Claire enough - she will help you to change your life!

Nikki Glos

‘Sugar addict’ Sharon is chocolate free & much slimmer with motivational hypnotherapy

Unbelievable – I used to buy 3 or 4 bars of chocolate a day and eat them all in one go – I haven’t bought any chocolate since our session. Most amazing thing is I haven’t missed it!


Food no longer controls Jenny after working with me on mindset weight loss

The sessions were calming and easy to understand. I particularly liked the feeling of reinforcement at the end of each session. For the first time ever I am now able to have one chocolate! The best bit – I am no longer obsessed by food!

Jenny, Tewkesbury

Maria feels fab & continues to shed the pounds with her new success mindset

I feel more confident and able to shop for nice clothes. I’m over the moon at losing nearly a stone in weight which I have never achieved before. I received professional advice and support throughout all the sessions. I found Claire very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. Thank you Claire for making me achieve my goal. Long may it continue!

Maria, 54, Longlevens, Gloucestershire

Cheryl loves her new figure & mindset as she continues to lose weight without dieting

I eat anything I want and not a thought about dieting. This is the best thing I have ever done and thanks to Clare I am in control of my weight. I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem controlling their weight……..just BRILLIANT!!!!

Cheryl, Kilcot, Glos

Pam is panic and anxiety free and her new mindset means she can finally enjoy life

I am confident and able to go about daily tasks without feeling panicky and stressed. I now go out without worrying beforehand and enjoy my days. I have more energy and am proactive in every way. I am now living my life instead of just existing!

Pam, 36

Gilllian swaps anxiety and panic for a life of happiness after building a winning mindset

The sessions were really enjoyable and I’ve changed my thought process completely within a matter of weeks. I have much more confidence, can walk into a pub or swimming pool without getting anxious and I can drive anywhere without fear of failure. I can’t believe how easy it has been. Claire has been a great teacher. Thank you

Now that I know and understand how my mind works I feel more confident and more in control. No-one’s ever shown me that before

Gillian, Churchdown

Kim’s confidence soars with her new mindset

Sessions were really empowering. So many things have changed already. My confidence is soaring, I feel able to fill my day so much more productively, more energy, sleep better and enjoying myself so much more than before.

Kim, 53