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Would you benefit from the opportunity to have a chat about the things you want to change or achieve?

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During your complimentary consultation you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss your company or individual goals and needs and find out how you can get where you want to be
  • Ask any questions you may have about your programme and how we will work together
  • Have a chat about the benefits of your Mrs Mindset programme and how it will help you to achieve your goals


You will then receive:

  • Your individualised Mrs Mindset personal treatment plan including the style of therapy that’s best for you and your company
  • Detailed description of how I can help you to achieve your goals
  • The support of a highly experienced therapist with a proven track record in achieving results.

How do I Get in Touch?

The quickest and easiest way to get started is a simple telephone conversation. This means we can begin the process of creating success straight away.

This informal chat gives you the opportunity to discuss what it is that you want to change or attract into your life. From here we will decide on your treatment plan and book your first Mrs Mindset session.

I look forward to helping you.

To your success

Claire McNulty

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As Featured By

Katharyn O'Brien
Mrs Mindset has been a Godsend in these stressful times As a firm of solicitors life is fast paced and often stressful. Executive burnout is so prevalent these days that coming out of lockdown we decided to take steps to find someone to support out team and their mental health. I had a recommendation from a number of professional in the business about Mrs Mindset and Claire has been amazing. Staff know there is someone they can turn to if they get overwhelmed, someone they can talk to and who will give them strategies to deal with the issues that arise. It is important that the team are cared for and supported as they are the business. Now Claire is part of our Mental Health policy and it has already made a difference. Lots of people talk about supporting employees and their mental health but Claire has given us a valuable resource to be able to do just that. Thank you Claire.
Sally Davis
Claire has helped me so much these past few weeks. If someone told me how different I would be feeling now I’d never have believed them. The way I see things seem so bizarre. Can’t recommend Claire enough!
jonny knight
I am very thankful for Claire for getting me through what was for me a traumatic experience. I did not know I was suffering with anxiety and believed it was heart related and didn't understand what was going on and why I was having panic attacks. Thank you Claire 🤩
Daniel Hodges
I can't recommend Claire at Mrs Mindset enough! She has given me the ability to control, identify and understand my anxiety & depression. I didn't believe hypnotherapy would be for me but i have tried everything else to no avail, i only wish i had started working with Claire years ago!
Faith Williams
Thank you for making me feel like a new lady x