Executive mindset coaching for professionals

A successful business is about the MINDSET of its people

Mindset coaching is suitable for Human Resources, Sales, Management, Executives and Directors. Coaching is tailored to the needs of your company and to fit in with the values of your organisation.

Coaching addresses issues such as:

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety
  • Goal setting and targets
  • Creating an effective work/life balance
  • Staff Motivation and Well-being
  • Absenteeism


The benefits include:

  • Effective response to difficult or challenging situations
  • Improved personal effectiveness and decision making
  • Resilience at work and at home
  • Fostering good working relationships
  • Focussed thinking and increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Effective communication

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Protect your company and shield yourself from:

  • Demotivated & inefficient Staff
  • Costly mistakes and oversights
  • A stressed and ineffective workforce
  • Projects left uncompleted
  • Imposter Syndrome and Fear of failure
  • Ineffective use of time leading to decreased productivity
  • Absenteeism and long term sickness
  • Time and costs in training new staff


Examples of programmes I cover:

  • Managing Pressure to Maximise Performance
  • Stress Management for a Happy and Harmonious Workforce
  • Recognising and dealing with stress and conflict in a positive way
  • Effective communication skills
  • Team Building
  • Confidence and Self-esteem building
  • Mindfulness
  • Learning how to handle challenges at work
  • Creating a Healthy Work/Life balance and how to maintain it
  • Psychological Health & Employee wellbeing
  • Managing Absenteeism

Mrs Mindset helps top executive to overcome burnout and live life free of stress

Things came to a head when I had to take time off work with stress. My family life was suffering, I was suffering and my job was suffering. In just 8 weeks I am back on my feet, back at work and enjoying a healthy work/life balance

Mrs Mindset introduces Business Leaders at GE Aviation to the positive impact of Mindfulness

First exposure to mindfulness and there were some thought provoking elements and interesting insights

Great new techniques to help slow down and use positive thinking

Opportunity to reflect on what influences our behaviour and achieve better balance

Mrs Mindset helps Charlie a 45 year old director remove negative barriers and get motivated for success

Professional, knowledgeable and great results. I found the sessions surprisingly enlightening, despite having read numerous self help books and attending several seminars. I feel completely re-energised and more positive. My self esteem has been rebuilt and I’m making progress towards goals that previously alluded me.

As Featured By

Katharyn O'Brien
Mrs Mindset has been a Godsend in these stressful times As a firm of solicitors life is fast paced and often stressful. Executive burnout is so prevalent these days that coming out of lockdown we decided to take steps to find someone to support out team and their mental health. I had a recommendation from a number of professional in the business about Mrs Mindset and Claire has been amazing. Staff know there is someone they can turn to if they get overwhelmed, someone they can talk to and who will give them strategies to deal with the issues that arise. It is important that the team are cared for and supported as they are the business. Now Claire is part of our Mental Health policy and it has already made a difference. Lots of people talk about supporting employees and their mental health but Claire has given us a valuable resource to be able to do just that. Thank you Claire.
Sally Davis
Claire has helped me so much these past few weeks. If someone told me how different I would be feeling now I’d never have believed them. The way I see things seem so bizarre. Can’t recommend Claire enough!
jonny knight
I am very thankful for Claire for getting me through what was for me a traumatic experience. I did not know I was suffering with anxiety and believed it was heart related and didn't understand what was going on and why I was having panic attacks. Thank you Claire 🤩
Daniel Hodges
I can't recommend Claire at Mrs Mindset enough! She has given me the ability to control, identify and understand my anxiety & depression. I didn't believe hypnotherapy would be for me but i have tried everything else to no avail, i only wish i had started working with Claire years ago!
Faith Williams
Thank you for making me feel like a new lady x