Support for women in business

Fastershire provides training and workshops for women in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. The training supports women in business to learn more about how to use IT to improve and grow their businesses.

I was first introduced to Fastershire just over a year ago when I attended a workshop on Facebook in Tewkesbury. Since then I have attended several workshops from Linkedin for Businesses to SEO and Twitter for your Business.

Understanding how to use the internet is key to growing a business. My business Mrs Mindset supports individuals and corporates to overcome anxiety and other issues holding them back in life. As my business grew and became more successful, I needed to have resources in place to support this growth. The skills I have acquired have enabled me to use my time more efficiently and utilise all the social media platforms that are now widely available.

As well as attending workshops I have also had invaluable support from Fastershire in the form of 1:1 training. I have used this opportunity to set up a more productive email system in the form of gmail as well as to optimise my Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Youtube has become increasingly popular with people preferring to watch short informative videos over reading. My Youtube channel Mrs Mindset is now well optimised with clients finding me from videos that appear in their search.  

The support of Fastershire has enabled me to fine tune my IT skills and support the growth of my business. I tell all of my business clients about the training available to them, as many are unaware of this wonderful resource. Anyone looking to set up a business or grow their existing business should avail of this training.

If you would like to know more please contact Fastershire at