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Welcome to my Mrs Mindset website. My name is Claire McNulty and I specialise in corporate wellness and mindset coaching, helping people to change their mindset to powerful ways of thinking, overcome anxiety and fears and create the future they want.

As one of the UK’s leading mind consultants I specialise in anxiety and have helped thousands of people to achieve their career goals and change their lives forever.

Is your workplace suffering losses due to absenteeism?

Are your employees struggling with stress and anxiety?

Do you have an effective Mental Health strategy in place?

People often consult with me when things have spiralled out of control. Know the stress indicators that can lead to communication breakdown and poor productivity. Stop stress in its tracks before the damage to your business is done. Awareness of stress, depression, personality styles and how they impact on the workplace will ensure that you put the right procedures and correct strategies in place.

Change your mindset today

Call me today and get a plan in place to protect your company & ensure your success and prosperity!

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Kim’s confidence soars with her new mindset

“Sessions were really empowering. So many things have changed already. My confidence is soaring, I feel able to fill my day so much more productively, more energy, sleep better and enjoying myself so much more than before.”

Gilllian swaps anxiety and panic for a life of happiness after building a winning mindset

“The sessions were really enjoyable and I’ve changed my thought process completely within a matter of weeks. I have much more confidence, can walk into a pub or swimming pool without getting anxious and I can drive anywhere without fear of failure. I can’t believe how easy it has been. Claire has been a great teacher. Thank you

Now that I know and understand how my mind works I feel more confident and more in control. No-one’s ever shown me that before”

Pam is panic and anxiety free and her new mindset means she can finally enjoy life

“I am confident and able to go about daily tasks without feeling panicky and stressed. I now go out without worrying beforehand and enjoy my days. I have more energy and am proactive in every way. I am now living my life instead of just existing!”

Dan loves being smoke free after his Mrs Mindset Stop Smoking Session

“Amazing! Gave up smoking in only 1 session after 25 years of being a smoker”

Charlotte is no longer anxious and now feels fabulous after changing her mindset

“I now enjoy life which I don’t think I did before. I can appreciate what I have and what I can do. I’m no longer desperate. I’m so grateful for being empowered. It’s all so simple really if you’ve got someone to show you the way. Thank you so much.”

Charley is anxiety and worry free after working with me on mindset success

“Sessions were relaxing, comfortable and I left each one feeling as though something had been accomplished. It’s left me with what I call ‘legacy tools’. Subconsciously something comes into my thoughts now when I encounter anxious situations. Thanks Claire! You’ve made a difference for me!

This treatment has been fantastic. I didn’t believe it at first as I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. Now I am no longer ‘doing’ anxiety! Would definitely recommend Claire to a friend or to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now and go to see Claire.”

Andrew’s Executive burnout disappears after working with me on building a winning mindset

“Amazing results. My panic attacks had taken over my life and I was suffering with ‘executive burnout’. Claire is supportive and kind yet straight talking and to the point. Both my career and my home life have benefited enormously.”

Becky is anxiety free following the Mrs Mindset VIP Programme

“Claire is brilliant. My anxiety is gone!! I just wish I had gone to her sooner!”

Leah is amazed at how fast her anxiety and fears disappeared with mindset coaching

“I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone hoping to overcome a psychological problem. One thing that sets what she offers apart from other forms of psychological therapy that I have experienced is the speed of the results.”

Rosie cures her emetophobia, anxiety and panic by building a success mindset

“I rang Claire on a Saturday morning, in floods of tears at how awful my life had become, plagued with worry and panic attacks due to Emetophobia, 6 sessions on and I now see life in a totally different way. ”

Benefits of out-sourced Mindset Coaching

Perhaps you have tried in-house interventions to no avail?

An insistence on using in-house Mental Health First Aiders can lead to further depression as some may see this as an invasion of their privacy. Not all employees will want to talk to their HR Department or manager. Some employees will see this in itself as a personal failure. The ensuing feelings of victimisation, fear and social anxiety can increase for these people leading to a further deterioration of their mental health and increased absenteeism.

This is where I come in – A non-judgemental approach with actionable interventions that can be implemented immediately through mindset coaching.

Understanding how to create a positive mindset is key to creating change and making positive transformation.

So if you’re ready for success then pick up the phone and let’s get the ball rolling.

Mrs Mindset is a phone call away.

Contact me today to talk more about mindset coaching or to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Call: 07765182127

Email: Claire@MrsMindset.co.uk

mrs mindset - mindset coaching

” As a leading therapist and mindset coach in the UK with a proven track record in achieving results, I design a bespoke programme to suit your company’s individual needs. An experienced and established therapist, I use a combination of beliefs work, psychotherapy, mind training and neuro linguistic programming to help you achieve your goals and success.”

– Claire McNulty, Mindset Coach

Mindset Coaching Programmes

As a leading therapist in the UK with a proven track record in achieving results, I design a bespoke programme to suit your needs and your personality type. An experienced and established therapist, I use include beliefs work, psychotherapy, mindset training and clinical hypnotherapy and I will use one or a combination of these to help you achieve success. I treat you – not just your symptoms, so it’s not really important which techniques we decide to use. All you need to know is that I can help you.

For evidence of the mindset coaching success I have had working with people just like you, click on the What People Say page.

Please note I get booked up very quickly. To reserve a booking call now to avoid disappointment.

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Katharyn O'Brien
Mrs Mindset has been a Godsend in these stressful times As a firm of solicitors life is fast paced and often stressful. Executive burnout is so prevalent these days that coming out of lockdown we decided to take steps to find someone to support out team and their mental health. I had a recommendation from a number of professional in the business about Mrs Mindset and Claire has been amazing. Staff know there is someone they can turn to if they get overwhelmed, someone they can talk to and who will give them strategies to deal with the issues that arise. It is important that the team are cared for and supported as they are the business. Now Claire is part of our Mental Health policy and it has already made a difference. Lots of people talk about supporting employees and their mental health but Claire has given us a valuable resource to be able to do just that. Thank you Claire.
Sally Davis
Claire has helped me so much these past few weeks. If someone told me how different I would be feeling now I’d never have believed them. The way I see things seem so bizarre. Can’t recommend Claire enough!
jonny knight
I am very thankful for Claire for getting me through what was for me a traumatic experience. I did not know I was suffering with anxiety and believed it was heart related and didn't understand what was going on and why I was having panic attacks. Thank you Claire 🤩
Daniel Hodges
I can't recommend Claire at Mrs Mindset enough! She has given me the ability to control, identify and understand my anxiety & depression. I didn't believe hypnotherapy would be for me but i have tried everything else to no avail, i only wish i had started working with Claire years ago!
Faith Williams
Thank you for making me feel like a new lady x