How Hypnotherapy can help with Weight Loss

Successful weight loss

How hypnotherapy can help you with weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss remains a successful and enjoyable way to lose weight.  I use hypnosis alongside mindset coaching to treat several conditions such as fears and phobias, as well as my specialist areas of weight loss and anxiety.

Changing your beliefs for successful weight loss

Your beliefs play a part in keeping you overweight – just like you believe living in the city/country is for you, or having a dog (or not) enhances your life. When your beliefs tell you that weight loss is hard then you avoid that path, avoid healthy choices and don’t bother to exercise. This can make losing weight an impossible task so by changing your beliefs – you start to focus on success.

When your conscious and unconscious minds are in conflict then unless you believe in your success, nothing changes and getting that slim body becomes an uphill struggle. Hypnotherapy for weight loss addresses your unconscious reasons for following negative patterns such as overeating, eating mindlessly or sitting instead of moving more.

Many long term dieters have tried everything from restrictive meal plans to diet patches or drinking shakes. These give temporary change and when you come off the diet, remove the patch or stop drinking the shakes – the weight piles back on. Not only does this cause frustration, poor body image and learned helplessness, but it’s a miserable way to go about it. Let’s face it – no one likes deprivation. Hypnotherapy, however, addresses and unblocks these root causes and what’s more – it’s a relaxing and fun way to create change.

Anxiety and weight loss

Feeling ashamed about how you look and about your inability to control your weight affects self esteem and self worth. This pressure can lead to anxiety and social phobia. Success requires confidence in your ability to achieve. Not putting effort in to create change can stem from underlying issues such as fear of failure, fear of change, fear of the process being ‘difficult’. As well as gaining insight into why you do what you do, hypnotherapy for weight loss will help to lower your anxiety and increase your self esteem.

Creating a success weight loss mindset

Together we uncover the beliefs and discover the triggers that are holding you back. And yes you can still enjoy your treats. As someone who loves all things chocolate, I remain a healthy size 10 and have never, and will never, go on a diet.

Language plays an important part in our actions. Where do you go when you ‘go on a diet’?  When you ‘go on holiday’ you enjoy rest and relaxation, travel to a place you love, perhaps enjoy time in the sun. When you use your mind to lose weight it becomes a part of you, a part of your thinking, a part of your life – and you don’t have to ‘go’ anywhere!

The awareness you gain means you start to step in the right direction and use your new mindset to create your successful weight loss. Through a process of re-labelling old negative patterns of thinking you programme your mind for success.

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Claire McGrath Weight Loss & Anxiety Specialist

Claire McGrath, AKA Mrs Mindset, is a highly experienced mindset coach and hypnotherapist in Gloucestershire. Claire specialises in weight loss and anxiety, working with both individual clients and corporate executives. Her Gloucester practice is ideally situated for travel from nearly towns of Cheltenham, Stroud and Tewkesbury. Clients regularly travel from neighbouring counties of Hereford, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Bristol as well as from London and abroad to seek her expertise.

Renowned for getting results Claire has written about her work with top executives in ‘The Hypnotherapy Experts’. Typical symptoms she helps with include quit smoking, stress, phobias, fears as well as Claire’s specialist areas of weight loss and anxiety. Call today for a complimentary consultation 07765 182127

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